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On Sunday, I celebrated the Chinese New Year for the first time, right here in Buenos Aires! Showing just how diverse and cosmopolitan this city really is. The festival was held in Barrio Chino located in Belgrano, only 20 minutes from downtown.

It was hard to miss the beautiful Chinese archway that welcomed you into another world. With red and yellow lanterns strung amongst the trees while below, street vendors and tourists filled a 2 block radius. The market offered all sorts of food selections:  Arrolloditos de Primavera (spring rolls), Brochettes de Lomo (beef shish kabob), or for the more adventurous, just point and eat!  As well as fantastic food, souvenirs were easy to find – a lucky rabbit trinket to a Chinese hat or even a very nice set of chopsticks. I opted for the rabbit!

There was much to see and take in as the festival had a stage for performers of dance and martial arts. However, the highlight of the day had to be the traditional Dragon dance which symbolizes the bringing of good luck and success in the coming year for all human beings on earth.   Nine men performed the dragon pole dance in which they weave throughout the crowd, making the dragon move and sway to the accompanied drums– a true art!  More importantly everyone had an opportunity to touch the dragon for their own good fortune! Maybe, my luck will be to stay in Buenos Aires longer…