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Astonishingly, I have now been studying at Expanish for 7 weeks. It is absolutely amazing how quickly my time here has flown by. Besides enjoying the fun aspects of Buenos Aires such as the food, the museums, the art, and the nightlife – I have surprised myself in how much my conversational Spanish has improved. I am actually speaking Spanish!

No longer do I hesitate to talk with sales clerks, waiters, taxi drivers, or any other porteño that I may interact with on a daily basis. Although I still stumble at times to say the right word or use the proper tense, I am able to correct myself and continue the conversation. I can read the local papers “El Clarín” or “La Nación” with relative ease and even enjoy watching some of the gossip news or a kid´s movie on tv like Finding Nemo for fun.  Although, I do plan to test myself by going to see an Argentine film at the cinema later this week!

I´m currently in level B3 and I think we have now learned all of the verb tenses. Whew! Now we are focused on perfecting our conversation by using common expressions, transitory phrases, and basically trying to not sound like a foreigner. J  I still have a strong desire to speak more fluently and get frustrated at times that I´m not progressing as quickly as I would like, but when I look back from where I started – I know that my Spanish classes here at Expanish have continued to challenge me and pushed me only to improve.