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Attention past, current and future Expanish students! Expanish now has a Facebook Fan Page: EXPANISH – Spanish Schools & Study Abroad! Join our very own Facebook page to access a wide variety of information regarding the school, its students, and Buenos Aires.

Past students, don’t let the fun stop even if you’re no longer in Buenos Aires with us.Our Fan Page will be constantly changing to include new games and contests, photos that escaped you, and discussion forums where your opinions are highly valued.

Current students, take advantage of the new Fan Page! You will find details of upcoming student activities and photos from past ones. We encourage you to post any questions or concerns that come up, as there are many with the knowledge and experience to lend friendly advice.Don’t forget to check in frequently for regular updates on contests, games, and school and city news. The Fan Page is also a great way to contact other students and professors to keep on top of your studies.

Future students, don’t miss this sneak peak into the life of an Expanish student in Buenos Aires. Keep up with daily activities, student stories, the blog feed, and more. This new Fan Page is also ideal for seeking advice on what to pack, what to expect, and any other lingering questions.

Other features to look for are weekly recommendations from locals, students, staff members, and language professors. Where are others going to find that perfect steak? What new plays are out in theaters that can’t be missed? What hot bands are playing this weekend?

We’ll all be working together to make the new Expanish Fan Page successful and helpful for everyone!