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Living in a foreign country can sometimes make even the most routine tasks seem challenging…

For many people, a routine visit to an optometrist, optician, or optical shop is anywhere from a monthly to a yearly task, whether you need to renew your prescription, buy contact lenses, or refill your contact solution. If you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and are in need of eye care, there is an optical shop with three central locations in the city that offer a myriad of services and products, and most importantly, great and efficient customer service to both locals and foreigners of Argentina.

Labortario Optico Lens

Opening their first optical shop in 1939, this family run business has been operating successfully for the past 70 years, offering clients friendly and customized service in three distinct and central locations in the city of Buenos Aires. Located in downtown, Belgrano, and Pompeya, Labortario Optico Lens is consistent in each of its locations, offering top quality products (everything from Dior to Rusty to Ona Saez), services, and client care.

Labortario Optico Lens Products & Services

Sun glasses – international and local brands
Eye glasses – international and local brands
Contact lens – contact lens solution
Sunglass accessories
Prescriptions for contact lenses and eye glasses
Medical insurance (discounts)
And much more…

If you have medical insurance from abroad, make sure to keep your receipts so that you can send them in and have your prescriptions (or any other eye care that is valid for insurance) covered. If you have insurance here in Argentina, make sure to bring your medical card so that you can receive a discount.



Avenida Callao 784 (corner of Cordoba)


O’Higgins 1799 (corner of La Pampa)


Avenida Saenz 1145 (corner of Roca)