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If you are coming to study Spanish in Buenos Aires, study abroad, work, or just to visit, you will need to have a visa to enter Argentina. Below are some FAQ’s about Visas & Argentina.

What do you need to enter in Argentina?

Most visitors can come to Argentina and receive a 90day tourist visa upon entry; you must only show a valid passport with more than 6 months before expiration date. Check out this list on our Expanish Student Visas page for details of which countries need to apply for a tourist visa and which do not.

What kind of visas are there for Argentina?

In Argentina there are a few: tourist visa, work visa, student visa, temporary visa, and permanent visa. A tourist visa is the most common for visitors and can be renewed every ninety days at the Immigration Office in Buenos Aires and every 6 months by leaving the country (even if for only several hours). A student visa is for those studying at a local university, college, or institute, and should be applied for from your home country. A work visa is for those working abroad in Buenos Aires and who have a signed contract with their employer. And, a temporary visa and permanent visa are for those who have moved to Argentina permanently, seeking citizenship.

Each of these visas, except for tourist, has a long and detailed process, so be sure of which you want/need before you start the long-haul!

Where can I find more info?

The 2 websites below have more information about obtaining a visa for Argentina:    (Spanish)                (English)

For most of us, entering into Argentina on a tourist visa is fast, easy, and simple. Other visas do take sometime, so always start the process way before you will be traveling to Argentina.

If you have any questions, post them below!