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Feriado Fun; Things to do in Buenos Aires this weekend

Expanish Blog is enjoying March 2011. The sun has been out, we´ve said goodbye to the stifling humidity and despite the fact that, as of today, the 21st March and it is officially Autumn….those of  us who are from the Northern Hemisphere can be tricked into thinking its Spring for a little while. Plus, this March, Argentine dwellers are enjoying more Feriados than we know what to do with!

However, with  the two  forthcoming feriados (Argentine national holidays also know as Día Nacional de la Memoria por la Verdad y la Justicia and El Feriado Puente Turístico ), comes decisions. What can you do to fill your time in a meaningful, enjoyable or debauched way this weekend in Buenos Aires? Expanish Blog has a few ideas….

Music and going out

Wednesday 23rd: Norwegian new rave, electro rock group hit BA superclub Niceto

Thursday 24th: Drummer Sergio Verdinelli joins Ernesto Jodos on piano and Hernán Merlo on bass

Ozzy Osbourne hits Buenos Aires to promote his new album Scream

Friday 25th: Villa Diamante invites you to be a witness to his musical mayhem, mashups, bastard pop, cumbia y derivados, with a special guest each week that will either accompany him or play live..


Wednesday 23rd:  An independent theatre company presents presents Lorenzo Anzoátegui´s “Susana” a play set in 1994, about a rural sect recreating the sedction, prosecution and imprisonment of Susana, a Babylonian maiden

Wednesdays – Sundays: The Malba offers daily screenings of arthouse, retro and horror movies

Last chance to visit! Inspired in the Argentine northern landscapes, indigenous cultures and urban/street art, Bedoian’s pieces are suggestive, playful and iconic.

Sunday 27th (Early morning) Street performance group La Runfla will be putting together their version of Bram Stoker´s “Dracula”. The setting tonight is Parque Avellaneda. Starts at 4am

Buenos Aires has a great range of free and paid for workshops and courses. Get your hands dirty and learn how to paint, paper mache, or sculptor whilst learning Spanish!

Centro Cultural Borges presents a look at Tango played out in scenes and landscapes. Not your average tango show

A number of photography exhibitions are on show at the Centro Cultural Recoletta, including an exhibition by Macimilano Vernazza

Health and Fitness

Get your quoter of fitness in this weekend, try out Boot Camp Buenos Aires, a fun way to get fit and meet people. Plus Expanish students get 10% off!

Thursday: Palermo 10.00 – 11.00am

Friday: Puerto Madero 10.00 – 11.00am

Whether you like it on clay, grass or indoors, Buenos Aires has hundreds of public tennis courts for you to practice your backhand onHave

Get off the tourist trail and explore some of  the BsAs barrios on foot. Gringo in Buenos Aires is a great place to find out a little bit more about the lesser known neighbourhoods

The best way to relax and centre yourself after a hard week of studying Spanish. Try Buena Onda Yoga who offer classes every day in different locations around Buenos Aires. Lucky Expanish Spanish students get 10% off.


Sick of Parillas, milanesas and empanadas? Visit one of BA s many great farmers markets and cook up your own feast

Pizza in Buenos Aires is a controversial affair. Whether you believe the porteño claim that theirs is the best pizza outside of Italy or not, Good Morning suggests where you might find the best porteño pizzas

Faena, one of the most exclusive hotels in Buenos Aires, offers afternoon tea in their sumptuous Library Lounge, includes sandwiches, cakes, scones, champagne and a range of

The Museo Evita is more than just a museum dedicated to Argentina´s most famous icon. Their restaurant is worth a visit. Enjoy crepes, salads and pasta in a beautiful leafy courtyard

Practice your Spanish

Calling all Expanish Spanish Students.. speaking Spanish. Its what you´re in Argentina to do, right? So why not take some time out from mixing with your fellow Expanish students and meet some real Porteños. Conversation helps you hook up with Spanish speakers in Buenos Aires

New season new Spanish. If you aren´t already an Expanish Student then think about becoming one. Expanish different Spanish courses for different needs, whether it be private or group classes.

For weekend event listings and ideas, try these websites