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In Turkey one of the things that we are proud of  is being able to experience 4 seasons at the same time and almost through the whole year.

Yes, both are real facts: you can find the season you pleased almost the whole year, and we really are proud of it! But honestly, even after my first visit to Argentina my pride regarding this claim has been a bit shaken.  In my previous posts, I explained that the deep knowledge  I had about Argentina 4 years ago was consisted in 3 topics: Tango, Malbec, Maradona. Facing a country which has a long variety of climates at the same time, was of course more impressive than having different seasons at the same time! Even the idea of seeing glaciers and the rain forests in the same country played with all my buttons!

Well, in my first visit to Argentina, I was not aware that I ll be back in here so many times(!); that s why I wanted to have more impressive trips. One of those was “Las Cataratas de Iguazu (Iguazu Waterfalls)” .

Iguazu Waterfalls actually marks the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay; where the highest distribution of the falls are on the Brazilian side.

My Iguazu experience was in the Argentinean side, within the province of Misiones. Puerto Iguazu is the closest settlement point to the falls in the Argentinean side. Even if you can find several affordable hostels, accommodation opportunities do not show a big diversity in the city and are mostly expensive. Almost all hotels are quite nice: you can choose to experience the woods in a nice house or a big holiday complex with more amenities.

Starting from the city center and including stops in front of big hotels, there are frequent buses, which will drop you at the entrance of the Iguazu National Park. At the entrance you might feel a bit upset or angry by the different entrance fee among the locals and the foreigners. The good part is all these negative feelings will fade away at the moment you step into to the Rainforest Ecological Train which will take you to the Devil’s Throat, as well as the upper and lower trails.

My first glowing heart moment at the train was when I saw those beautiful butterflies! As a deep butterfly lover, any kind of butterfly always astonishes me with their beauty and their simple existence. But I have been definitely fascinated with the exotic butterflies of Iguazu. In particular those blue ones!

Apart from these beautiful butterflies, in your little trip through the rain forests, you will see many gorgeous birds and funny/scary chimpanzees around. Also in your coffee snack stop at the bar of train station (although you are totally aware that they are insect eaters) you might feel excited and/or terrified with small anteaters of South America.

Visitors are most likely choosing Devil’s Throat for their first destination at the park, so did I.

Before the trip I have been notified that the bigger part of the falls are on the Brazil side and I was a bit worried (another natural blonde moment) about not experiencing the best of the falls. I have not seen the falls from Brazil side yet, and although I do not have any doubt that the experience in Brazil would be outstanding (I am sorry my dearest Brazilian friends) the view of the Brazilian long line falls was breathtaking  from Argentinean side! On the Devil’s Throat you are finding yourself almost completely surrounded by the big big falls with beautiful rainbows between/above them!

While we were doing our nice walk from one path to another to see each wonderful view of the falls, we have heard many many different languages around(including Argentinean of course). Among these sounds we heard a English/Spanish talking small group with a guide who held a X language course flag (this X refers to “I don’t remember the name”!). But after starting my Intensive Spanish Course in Expanish Spanish School, I learned that they are organizing several attractive trips around Argentina too; and Iguazu is one of them!( Actually some of my classmates have recently returned from their weekend tour in Iguazu with the school and they are still sharing their good memories they made in there!

Where ever you are right now, (including the ones are in Argentina and still have not seen) I can firmly recommend you this small but effective trip, which you can deeply enjoy just in 2 days period.