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For those Spanish students in Buenos Aires who enjoy trying fresh produce, and are tired of the big supermarket chains or higher prices in some of the tourist barrios, we have the perfect solution for you.

Ferias itinerantes (travelling fairs) can be found all across the city selling fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and cold meats with cheese at inflation busting prices.

We visited the feria in San Telmo, open from 8am – 2pm on Saturdays, that is situated on the corners of Mexico, Chile & Balcarce. We bought 8 bags of groceries, enough produce to cook dinner all week. Our bags were filled with vegetables, fruit, dried beans and pulses, olives and peanuts, fish and chicken all for $90 pesos.

Not only do you get food for cheap, but it’s a great way to get to know different areas of Buenos Aires while also practicing Spanish at the same time.  With this hidden secret, you will be surrounded by locals, without a tourist in sight. To find out where the feria is in the city, you can check out the schedule here. Here is a quick guide to some common fruits and vegetables names so you can be sure you get the food that you want!

Apple – Manzana
Strawberry’s – Frutillas
Blueberry’s – Arándanos
Onion – Cebolla
Carrots – Zanahorias
Aubergine (UK) / Eggplant (US) – Berenjena
Celery – Apio
Lettuce – Lechuga
Cucumber – Pepino
Cougette (UK) / Zucchini – Zapallitos
Squash – Zapallo
Enjoy and let us know if you visit or find any good markets yourself!Ask any of the Expanish staff for more food names if it doesn’t appear on this list.