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Expanish has launched its new interactive website with free online Spanish learning resources for everyone! Along with links to free Spanish tips and worksheets specifically designed for, our teaching staff has also compiled ten free Spanish video lessons that can be found on the website. This new multi-media feature is designed to provide a transparency to Expanish’s dedication to academic integrity and quality. The videos are a great way to brush up on some basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar points for free!

Learning a language is very systematical at first. There are important grammar structures that function as the foundation of the Spanish language. This is why formal instruction is so important in the beginning stages of Spanish immersion. The dedicated and experienced teaching staff at Expanish tailors their lessons for students living in a Spanish speaking country, and these new Spanish learning resources on are a window into this process.

As a student progresses through the Spanish language, the grammar points become less broad but much more numerous and complex. Again, even when living in a Spanish speaking country, it is important to learn these rules through formal instruction to truly gain a fluency in the language.

Expanish has been providing quality Spanish immersion programs in Buenos Aires since it was founded, and is now an accredited language institute in Argentina. The new Expanish website is designed to highlight the academic focus of our school.

Located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, the Expanish language school is outfitted with spacious classrooms, multi-media equipment, and a first-class teaching staff. We have gained our credibility by being student-oriented and providing a home-base to travelers from all reaches of the world. Begin planning your Spanish immersion program today, and join the ranks of Expanish students and alums that have benefited from the educational, cultural and social excellence of our language institution.