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Learning a foreign language takes practice and discipline. Before one can truly improve in any foreign language, they need to have a solid foundation of vocabulary and grammar. This is why Expanish has added a new Free Spanish Worksheets section to our website. This collection of free worksheets, put together by Expanish’s experienced teaching staff, gives you the chance to practice your Spanish skills on your own time, outside of the classroom.

All of these language worksheets can be downloaded and printed from the website free of charge. They are in an easy-to-use adobe format, compatible with all computers. The worksheets are specifically designed to be practical for all Spanish speakers in the Beginner and Intermediate range. Several of the exercises focus on basic grammar construction and common Spanish verbs. Others are more focused on helpful vocabulary for anyone who is hoping to travel or study abroad, with a mix of “fill in the blank” and picture identification questions.

Anyone can access these Free Spanish Worksheets to improve their language skills. For students studying with Expanish in Buenos Aires, the materials can be used to compliment and assist what they have learnt in class. These Spanish language resources are designed to drill and activate the necessary grammar constructions and vocabulary to become a fluent Spanish speaker.

The Expanish language school in Buenos Aires is dedicated to quality customer service and academic integrity. The international support team and experienced teaching staff have helped the school become an accredited Spanish language institution in Argentina. These Free Spanish Worksheets now available at are an attempt to make the school’s educational resources more accessible, and bring a level of transparency to Expanish’s academic objective. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Expanish language school website, and begin planning your own Spanish Immersion experience!