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Everybody has their own story with many events, choices, places and people.

My story somehow ended up in Buenos Aires.

But how a Turkish woman, from miles and miles away, with no idea regarding Argentina (apart from Tango, Malbec and Maradona), decided to live there, in Buenos Aires?

Here you go:

The story started in Turkey; grooving up in capital´s sincere, easy but bureaucratic environment, studying and practising law; trying to be journalist (and then giving up), and at the end deciding to save the world through United Nations.

For that purpose, this Turkish woman has been in many and different countries and places:  from the beautiful Italy, to the Syrian war.

While saving the world, one should be quite careful about love.  It can change everything.

And well.. it did changed everything.

I met many men from many different countries, cultures, religions. The “one” I met was in Italy; but among all famous(!) Italian men, that one was an Argentinean Jewish man.

After some time together in Italy and in Europe, 3 years past travelling back and forwards to Argentina, reuniting in several parts of the world. At the end we decided to get married and continue our story for some time in Buenos Aires, where I arrived 2 months ago.

Miles and miles away from my family, homes(!) and friends, which are settled in 3 different continents (yes…all my homes, family and friends are placed in 3 different continents) I decided to go to the 4th and the most far continent, which was not easy.

But apart from being in love, one more thing helped me to take this decision: surprisingly I realized that, regardless that Argentina has no idea about Turkey (and the other way around), people are alike! It was very interesting to see how in the other side of the world people has very similar customs and traditions, even more than the neighbouring European countries.

Argentinean family relations -and the importance of it-, warm helpful people, knowing how to enjoy the life and good cuisine based on meat and gorgeous deserts made me feel like home!

Since my first visit 2 years ago, I achieved to become a part of a new nice family; as a non- meat lover person, deeply enjoyed “Asado” with exquisite and affordable Malbec ; had many new and warm friends; and made a considerable number of Turkish people to know ”Dulce de Leche”!!

After starting to live in Buenos Aires I started to appreciate more the combination of being in South America; but also feeling as in a big big European city with many beautiful big parks in the middle of the city and bike paths and nice small bars, restaurants.(

On the other hand, starting to live in Buenos Aires showed me how hectic a subway can be on rush hours and better to bike or walk to every where; which can also allow you to know the city better!

Although body language and Italian was helpful till now, I believe the intensive Spanish course in Expanish Spanish Language School ( will help me to understand this wonderful authentic culture and people better.

I can say that at the end of my 2nd week in this course, right now I am able to have a daily chat with taxi drivers or bartenders!

Like Sting once(!) mentioned  “Being THE foreigner in a city” is not very easy; but so far for this Turkish girl, Buenos Aires experience is going well and she is looking forward to deepen her experience more and more..