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Argentina is known around the world for its very famous fútbol teams (soccer), fútbol players, and championship wins. Fútbol fans in Argentina are devoted to their favourite teams and ‘show up’ for every game whether they are singing in a stadium, yelling at a local pub, or celebrating at home. It is said that to truly understand the Argentine culture, one must experience a fútbol game with local Argentines; therefore, we urge every student taking a Spanish course in Buenos Aires to round up their friends, leave their books at home, and head to a game in the city.

Fútbol Game Dates in Buenos Aires this Winter 2009

2009 Dates


  • 16/07     Boca Juniors vs Argentinos Jrs
  • 19/07     River Plate vs Lanus
  • 20/07     Boca vs Velez
  • 23/07     River vs Chacarita Jrs
  • 23/07     Lanus vs Boca Juniors
  • 30/07     San Lorenzo vs Estudiantes
  • 30/07     Boca Juniors vs Newells


  • 02/08     River Plate vs Colon
  • 05/08     ARGENTINA vs BRAZIL
  • 13/08     Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz
  • 13/08     Arsenal vs River Plate
  • 15/08     San Lorenzo vs Tigre
  • 16/08     Velez vs Boca
  • 17/08     Lanus vs River Plate
  • 20/08    River Plate vs Gimnasia de La Plata
  • 20/08    Racing vs Independiente
  • 27/08    Boca vs Velez
  • 27/08    San Lorenzo vs River Plate

If you have the opportunity to go to a fútbol game in Buenos Aires, remember to only bring what you will need, enough money for food or transport (no more), and leave all of your valuables at home. Games can pretty wild so just keep your wits about you at all times.