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This May, art enthusiasts can explore an entire circuit of art in both the neighborhoods of Retiro and Barrio Norte where numerous art galleries, museums, and culture centers will display various works of art for the public’s enjoyment. The event stretches from Callo to Plaza San Martin and from Libertador to Tucuman, and offers free transportation between these places during the entire event night.

On Friday, May 29th, starting at 7pm Gallery Nights will begin, an event organized by the Arte al Dia (magazine, AdnCultura (La Nacion), and the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires. There will be a myriad of activities to go along with the art, including live music, videos, shows, and contests.

A few major events…

‘LAN Audio Guide Tour’

Available at the British Arts Center (Suipacha 1333) (7pm-10pm), can pick up an MP3 that has all the information about the galleries on it, guiding you through your arts and cultural night.

‘Iluminarte by Arnet’

This Argentine Video Art, featuring various art videos, will be held at the Auditorium of British Arts Centre (Suipacha 1333) as well as at the corner of Esmeralda and Arroyo on a large outside screen.

Art Lottery

An Art lottery will be held, charging anywhere from 20-500 pesos depending on the art being auctioned, that will hand away works of art from various artists displaying their works during the Gallery Night. This lottery will donate part of the money to the ‘Red de Comunidades Rurales’.

For students in a Spanish program in Buenos Aires, round up your fellow students and head out on the town this Friday night to enjoy the wonderful world of Argentina arts.

To get all the details, visit the official Gallery Nights Website.