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As an American who recently moved down to Buenos Aires, I have a lot to be thankful for here.  I will be here for the next six months, just in time for the Argentine summer.  While my friends and family back in the states are dealing with the beginning of what looks like a brutal winter storm Boreas, I had the luxury of soaking in 85 degree sunshine this past weekend.

One thing, however, is making me want to be back home this week.  Thanksgiving, one of the biggest national holidays in the United States — and my personal favorite — is basically non-existent here in Buenos Aires.  Although porteños and Argentines in general are the world’s leading consumers of beef per capita, turkey, or pavo as it is called here, is hard to come by.

Determined to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I did some research on how expat Americans celebrate the holiday here.  In my conversations with expats on the streets of Buenos Aires, the consensus seems to be that most people invite friends and family over their apartments for an improvised Thanksgiving dinner.  People bring different dishes together to have a “potluck” dinner.  While some are lucky enough to score some turkey and mashed potatoes, others have improvised over the years.

One kind of this improvisation is what has been dubbed “Steaksgiving.”  Some American expats have replaced the classic American stuffed turkey with a centerpiece of assorted Argentine asado steaks.

For those seeking a traditional Thanksgiving meal and not wanting to go through the hassle of hours of cooking, certain restaurants and bars in Buenos Aires are offering specials for Turkey Day 2013.

The following is a short list of possibilities to celebrate Thanksgiving 2013 in style this November in Buenos Aires.

– The American Club of Buenos Aires has an annual luncheon beginning at 12pm.  They are located at Viamonte 1133.

– Kansas Grill offers traditional Thanksgiving fare at their restaurant located at Libertador 14800.

– Sugar Bar will be having a Thanksgiving themed party with Thanksgiving food served until 9pm.  The normal DJ fueled party will take over afterwards.  Their address is Costa Rica 4619.


Sugar Bar, Palermo

From everyone here at Expanish, have a great Thanksgiving!