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Get The Inside Scoop About Heladerías In Buenos Aires

Summer is in full session in Buenos Aires! My favorite part of summer is treating myself to some fantastic Argentinean ice cream. Argentina has great ice-cream shops around every corner–called heladerías. And while it is not exactly cheap, costing upwards of $40 pesos for a cone and $150 pesos for a kilo, it certainly is tasty. Like many things here, the ice cream has an Italian influence, and while it is not gelato, it is creamy and smooth and not too sweet, the perfect way to beat the heat.

What I love about the ice cream here are the many flavors. The first time I ordered a kilo of ice cream I chose two flavors, dark chocolate (chocolate amargo) and mint chip (menta con granizados). My Argentine friends thought it was strange to only order two flavors. Here it is perfectly normal to order multiple flavors whether it is a tub of ice cream or just a cone. And in this magical land where everybody enjoys ice cream, the stores will deliver to your home. You won’t find a lot of options in the supermarket because most people choose to go to the heladería or have it delivered.

The most popular flavors here, called sabores or gustos, are dulce de leche. They make every type of dulce de leche ice cream that you can think of: with chocolate chips, with ribbons of dulce de leche, cookie crumbs, almonds, etc. Other popular flavors are passionfruit (maracuyá), raspberry (frambuesa) and sambayón, a flavor based off of an Italian dessert made of egg yolks, sugar, and wine. My personal favorites are chocolate suizo, limón and frutos del bosque (a creamy vanilla with pieces of fruit and fruit sauce mixed in). The stores are equipped with chairs to sit and enjoy or buy to-go but expect long lines on a warm Saturday night.

Where to go:


The most expensive of the stores but it’s a must try. The order comes with waffle cones. Yum!


Always a good choice.


My personal favorite for the best price.