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Getting about between your Spanish lessons in Argentina

Sweet dreams – who needs to fly when you can travel in such style?

It is easy to forget that Argentina has a lot to offer outside of Buenos Aires. Even though there are countless things to do in this city of over 13 million people, there is a vast amount of culture to experience in 23 other provinces (yes, 23!). The easiest way to do this is to go on weekend excursions, which are popular for foreigners new to the country as well as porteños who have lived here their entire lives.  Since flying to different locations can get quite expensive, most people take a long-term bus, called an “omnibus” in Spanish, to travel around the country. The only negative side to this? The length of trips. Going from Buenos Aires to the Iguazú Falls and then to Mendoza, while stopping in Jujuy and Salta, and ending in Patagonia can mean a lot of time on a bus.  Luckily, Argentines have acknowledged this consequently created the best possible option – COCHE CAMA, which literally means “bed car”.  Is there anything in the world that sounds better than that?  This form of travel is as luxurious as first class in an airplane, but with less turbulence and more scenery.
It includes the following: Large, puffy chairs that recline to almost 180º, which allow for sleeping for the entire trip. Snacks to keep your belly from rumbling.

A hearty meal of pre-packaged, typically Argentine fast food (depending on length of trip).

With all of this and the showing of a direct-to-DVD movie from the 80s make any 5, 10 or 20-hour ride go by fast.  Plus, there is always the incredible Argentine country side to gaze at.


Food Tip – Take a thermos and your mate.  This is the easiest way to make friends on the bus.

Safety Tip – Always wear your seatbelt even if you are sleeping.  Some people take it off during the night, but remember you are still in a moving vehicle on the fast highway.

Clothing Tip – Dress warm as sometimes the bus can have the air conditioning blasting.

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