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There are two ways to travel abroad:

1) Travel abroad “vacation style”, check out the sites, eat the food, buy some stuff, and return refreshed and ready to continue with life back home.

2) Travel abroad, study a language, speak the language, learn about a culture, live in one place, eat the food, cook the food, buy some stuff, use the stuff, volunteer abroad, learn new skills, meet new people, make friends for life, and return (some day) with a myriad of experiences that have enhanced the traveler both personally and professionally, continue life with a new direction.

If number 2 interests you, you are headed for one of the most exciting experiences of your life and setting yourself up for success both personally and professionally in the future. Read on to find out a few tips and tricks to traveling and studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, adding more to your experience, and how to enhance your portfolio both personally and professionally, improving your odds of finding a career abroad or back at home.

Prepare before you leave

This is one of the most important aspects to any travel or study abroad experience. Get your job, life, and money in order. How long will you go for? What will you do? Do you have a job when you come home? How can you gain experience abroad?  Think of all the ways you can prepare yourself for your travels and your return.

Don’t be lazy

If you are coming abroad to study Spanish in Argentina, think about working fulltime or more than fulltime a few months before you leave. It is easy to work hard when you know that the end is in sight, when there is a goal to reach. These extra dollars will allow you a little more freedom during your travels and by the time you are on the plane, you will have already forgotten about those long hours worked.

Plan A, B, C, D…

Make sure you have various ‘game’ plans in case something changes along the way. Research your options: Spanish classes in Buenos Aires; volunteer programs; skill workshops; internships; excursions, etc…  You never know what is going to happen and it is good to have a few pre-organized game plans.

Go somewhere affordable

Who doesn’t want to go to Dubai, Toyko, Paris or New York? The point is, these are some of the most expensive destinations to visit and if you are wanting to have the complete travel/study/live abroad experience, there are other preferred destinations that will allow you to do more with less.  Check out Buenos Aires on 100 pesos a day.

Do as much as you can in the time you have

This is not time to be lazy. Although the party till dawn, lie on a beach all day lifestyle can seem tempting at times, you may feel some disappointment in your travels once it is all over. Sign up for everything you can, meet as many people, as possible, network, try new things, learn new things, find a way to fill your schedule from top to bottom.

Note down all of your accomplishments

Make sure to collect as many certificates, references, or documents possible that can be used later as reference materials when looking for a job.  If you have done something exciting, get credit for it. Ask people for their contacts so that you may contact them later about experiences, etc, if need be.  Everything you do abroad is valuable, make sure you document it all.

Enjoy your time

Have fun no matter what you do. Be yourself. Open any doors you can. Be social. Be smart.