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For students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, the cost of living is relatively inexpensive, but getting here is not! Flights to South America can be quite pricey, especially for students studying Spanish in Argentina who must travel long distances to arrive here. Whether you are looking into Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires, or are already here and helping to plan a visit for family or friends, check out the following tips on finding the most budget friendly flight to Argentina!

– Utilize an airline search engine site, such as Kayak.Com or These sites do a large search for you, by scanning dozens of sites (American Airlines, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.), and even send you e-mail alerts when a fare you may be interested in is posted!

– Try to book your flight to Buenos Aires from an airline’s hub or a large city. Sometimes it is a less expensive option to purchase two flights- the first to a hub city, and the second to Buenos Aires. Leaving from a hub city may also cut out some of those annoying layovers!

– Always book a roundtrip ticket, even if you have yet to plan your home return. A one way ticket is generally as expensive as a round trip ticket. Many airlines have flexible change policies, so you can always change your return date once you have it planned.

– Study Spanish in Buenos Aires during the “off season” to take advantage of less expensive flights. Flight prices to Argentina drop during the months of October and November, and again in March and April. Despite being off season, these time periods not only offer less expensive flights, but more comfortable Buenos Aires weather!

– Be as flexible as possible in your search, trying out different dates and different days of the week. Performing a broad search will produce the most affordable flights.  And remember, Expanish Spanish School’s classes start again each and every Monday, so don’t worry about sticking to a hard schedule—we’re ready when you are!

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