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Have you just landed in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires?

Do you want to make yourself feel right at home in this city of 3 million people?

There are a myriad of ways to help you adjust comfortably into your new life in Buenos Aires that do not involve meeting new people, learning the language, working with locals, buying long distance phone plans, etc, but rather creating a home environment that allows you to rest and relax while studying Spanish in Buenos Aires.

Your home environment can be one of the most important aspects of successful immersion into a new culture and it is important whether you are living in a shared apartment, a homestay, or in a private apartment that you make your place or just your room, your home.

How do you do this?

·    Try to bring items from home with you such as photos, small photo albums, or any small decorations (that don’t weigh too much!).

·    Go out into Buenos Aires and have fun finding small boutiques and stores that sell unique items, and often inexpensive, and decorate your house/room.

·    Head down to San Telmo on Sunday’s for their larger than life market that has everything from art work, to antiques, to kitchenware, to everything in between.

·    Take pictures of your experiences in Buenos Aires and Argentina and combine them with your pictures from you, mixing your friends and family from back home with your new life in South America.

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