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As much as you may love studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, getting up between 7:30am-8:30am to get to your Spanish classes at Expanish that start 9am can, well, be utterly painful! I mean, for a culture that begins to think about eating dinner at 9pm (early!), has drinks at a bar at 12am, and heads to a nightclub at 3am-4am, and yes, this includes weekdays, what were they thinking starting the weekdays at 9am?

Well, if you want to be a real Porteño/a you are going to have to get used to this schedule and no matter how sleepy eyed you are, you must force yourself out of that comfy cozy bed and get yourself down to your Spanish classes!

Let’s see if we can give you all a few tips to help you beat those sleepy blues while still learning Spanish and taking advantage of those late nights out!

Get a nice alarm.

Do not wake-up to one of those screeching, shouting, beeping alarms that make you feel like you are in the middle of WWW2 for the first 5 seconds until you get your wits about you.

Make time for yourself

Even if you have stayed up late, it is better to wake up a little earlier and enjoy the morning then wake up in the exact moment if have to get out of the door. You may think that extra half hour or 15 minutes helps you, but believe me, your body doesn’t know the difference and your mind will certainly be at more peace if you wake up normally, take a shower, have a coffee, and then head to school than if you wake up, get angry when you can’t find your socks, fall down the stairs, and go smelly and untidy to school.

Mind over matter

If you are only going to sleep 5 hours tonight, don’t stress about it! If you keep thinking, ‘oh god, i’m going to be so tired tomorrow, i am going to feel so awful, blah blah blah”, you will feel exactly those ways. 5 hours or even 4 hours is more than enough sleep to make it successfully through the next day without any complaining. You can make up your sleep the following night.

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