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I Want To Learn Spanish In Barcelona!

Are you considering traveling to Spain and want to get some Spanish under your belt at the same time? We’re BIG fans of the country, especially for learning Spanish. I mean it’s the birthplace of the language for starters!

In this article, we will dive into both academic and logical reasons, as well as some fun and inspiring reasons to study in Barcelona! With so much to do, you won’t be disappointed if you choose this destination for your experience to learn Spanish in Barcelona.

Why learn Spanish in Barcelona?

The type of Spanish you will learn in Spain is what most refer to as “the original” and most “proper version” of the language. You will learn Spanish with the form of “vosotros” (which is not commonly taught in American schools.

Vosotros is a second person plural informal tense. Some other countries use “ustedes” for this. You can use this when you are talking to a group of friends or multiple people.

More or less, Spaniard Spanish, or what they call “Castellano”, is very different to Spanish in countries like Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic, or Peru for example. But if you learn Spanish in Spain first, you will be able to understand these dialects in any Spanish speaking country you visit.

In addition, learning a language in a big, international city holds all sorts of opportunity. There are tons of meetup groups, language exchanges, cultural activities and so on. Barcelona is one of the most popular cities amongst expats in the world.

Alright, alright… Now besides the academic reasons why you should study in Spain, we aren’t going to skip over the exciting reasons too.

Fun things to do in Barcelona

  1. Pedralbes Monastery
  2. Barri Gotic (old historic town)
  3. The Picasso Museum
  4. Montserrat (day trip)
  5. Barceloneta Beach
  6. La Sagrada Familia + Gaudi architecture
  7. The Grácia Festiva
  8. Futbol games with world-renowned teams (and some of the BEST players on earth)
  9. Las Ramblas Market
  10. Cooking classes of the traditional cuisine (paella anyone?)
  11. Museum of contemporary art
  12. Champagne sunset boat tours
  13. Salvador Dali Museum
  14. City pillow fights! And no, we aren’t joking!
  15. Flamenco dancing and classical guitar concerts
  16. Hiking outside of the city in the Pyrenees mountains

Still not convinced? Check out our full Barcelona guide to learn about cost of living, cultural activities, going out information, quick facts, travel information and more! If you are ready and wondering where to study, we know just the place!
Okay, now where do I sign up?

If you are feeling inspired to pack your bags and hop on the plane for tapas, flamenco music and learning Spanish, do not hesitate to contact Expanish school with questions, comments or concerns when considering studying Spanish abroad.

Our school is centrally located in Barcelona, filled with modern amenities, excellent professors who are determined to meet your needs. We additionally offer homestay programs, for those keen on having a true, local cultural experience. This offers great chances for using your skills throughout the entire day, inside and outside of the classroom.

Come have an Spanish adventure. In the Mediterranean. We encourage you to push yourself and experience the rich culture, sunny beaches, vast cityscapes and architecture, history, captivating art, delicious food and passionate language with us.