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Students taking Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires and learning about Argentine culture will soon notice the great sense of humor that the people here have; especially about politics, history, and things typical to Argentina. To express these thoughts to the masses, Argentines for decades now have turned to writing comics. Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can open most local papers and find a dedicated spot for comics specific to Argentina.

One very well-known and loved comic is called Mafalda. The Mafalda comic features a little girl who was extremely concerned about humanity, world peace and making a change. She speaks about past and current events, challenges them, and gives people new insights. Students taking Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will be able to get an insight into history, and the country, and the fears and feelings that were had during many important times in history. Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can relate this character to those characters of the American comic Peanuts. Like the children in Peanuts, Mafalda is very adult-like and speaks about relevant topics and concerns.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will no doubt have seen her collection of comics in local bookstores. Discontinued now, between the years of 1964-1973 Mafalda appeared in the newspaper Primera Plana, then Mundo, and lastly Siete Días Ilustrados. The comics that students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires will find now are short collections, during sectioned periods of her publication are definitely worth a buy for their humor, politics, and Argentine history.

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