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Keeping Healthy In Buenos Aires

In a country where the typical diet revolves around meat, pizza, pasta, and empanadas, it can be quite hard to just find something healthy to eat. The Argentinian diet is very heavy in Carbohydrates and dairy, but there are other options!

Here is a list of restaurants of some Restaurants to check out:

Buenos Aires Verde

Gorriti 5657, Palermo Hollywood

Almond milk smoothies, wholewheat pizzas and so much more. They also have a small deli in which they sell most the products they use! I found some cacao nibs among other things! This place is perfect for lunch or a casual dinner.


Gorritti 4738, Palermo Soho

This place is neither Vegan or Vegetarian, however its one of the only places that I have found that has a kale salad and has kale juices! Definitely worth a visit! They also have a fantastic veggie burger and a great selection of flourless cakes!


Nicaragua, 4849, Palermo

This restaurant is 100% gluten-free need I say more!


Costa Rica, 4562, Palermo Soho

Vegetarian and Vegan food, the restaurant has a really lovely terrace looking over Plaza Armenia.


Honduras 5900, Palermo Hollywood

Great brunch spot! They also sell a lot of the products they use!


Caseros 454, San Telmo

Situated in San Telmo this hidden gem has great Juices and Vegan/Vegetarian food too! Definitely worth a visit!


Hipolito Yrigoyen,583, Microcentro

The place to get healthy food in Microcentro! Loads of soy products and Vegan and Vegetarian food!

Be Juice

Barrientos 1586, Recoleta

Be Juice has many Vegan/Vegetarian options and also a large range of fresh juices with supplements such as Maça and Spirulina! and also cold-pressed juices!

If you are looking for a variety of fresh juices check out this post!

San Telmo Verde

Peru, 677, San Telmo

Although this place is not a restaurant it does sell various organic, vegan/vegetarian food such as Almond milk!! They are only open two days a week Tuesday and Fridays

FYI: Most other Health food goods can usually be found in Barrio Chino, things tend to be cheaper there too.

Also, check out Buenos Aires Market :

It takes place once a month and has more than 60 vendors. Last week, 29th and 30th of November, it took place in Parque Rivadavia in Caballito!