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The Buenos Aires music community and hipsters alike will be lining up at the Konex Center tonight for La Bomba del Tiempo’s highly-anticipated return. After a short recess, La Bomba del Tiempo will be bringing life back to Monday nights in the small, alternative neighborhood of Once. Their raw, tribal sound and jazz-like improvisation style attract music-lovers from all around Buenos Aires. Because of the city’s passion for music and the expressive arts, Buenos Aires is an exciting destination for Spanish Immersion Programs. Shows like La Bomba del Tiempo serve as an important outlet for cultural immersion, as well as a great place to let loose and enjoy your time in this vibrant capital city.

The Konex Center has a large, open-air courtyard with a wide, spiral staircase serving as the centerpiece. The members of La Bomba del Tiempo, some of the finest percussionists in the country, set up their drums along these elevated steps. As the long line of restless patrons finish their drinks and shuffle into the courtyard, the group plays an addictively rythmatic anthem that builds in intensity and climaxes with the audience, 500 strong, all jumping, dancing and clapping along to the beat countless times during the 3 hour show.

Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires never have a blank day in their social calendar, even on Monday nights. The city’s fun, vibrant culture and it’s contagiously passionate people give Buenos Aires the flair that attracts students, professionals and travelers alike year after year. It is an exciting time of year to join in on the experiences and fun of the Expanish community, so what better time than now to begin planning your own immersion program!

Don’t hesitate to visit our website at and customize the Spanish Immersion Program in Argentina that is best for you. With a variety of group and individual lessons, housing accommodations, excursions, activities, workshops and more, Expanish has an affordable option for everyone!