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Last time we featured Wine in Argentina we looked at Salta & Wine where delicious wine grapes are cultivated at various altitudes and terrains to make Salta’s famous wine flavours, now we will go east to the province of La Rioja, where more than 8 million litres of wine are produced per year.
La Rioja is characterized by breathtaking valleys, mountains, and rivers, visited for its adventure tourism and vineyards. Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires? Take a trip to visit La Rioja!
The Famatina Valley in La Rioja is the province’s most popular area for local vineyards, thanks to its altitude and fertile soil. In fact, there are many areas that are not suitable for any sort of agriculture activity, thanks to the very dry and mountainous terrain found in the province, so areas that are close to rivers and that allow for proper irrigation are where you will find the province’s agriculture including vineyards.

La Rioja main crop is the grape, as mentioned before, allowing the province to produce more than 8 million litres of wine every year for Argentine residents and to ship to other countries around the world.

One of the best activities to enjoy in La Rioja is the wine tasting tours, where guides take visitors throughout the small region of vineyards tasting some of La Rioja’s best wines including Malbec, Syrah, and the most cultivated wine variety, Torrontes.