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Spanish, or Castellano, is the official spoken language in Argentina as well as by almost 400 million other people around the world. Unlike the rest of the Spanish world, Spanish from Argentina is actually slightly different than the Spanish spoken in other countries and anyone coming to learn Spanish in Argentina will have the privilege to learn this unique language.

What is unique about Spanish spoken in Argentina?

All over Argentina there is a slightly different dialect of Spanish spoken due to the heavy influence of Italian, Spanish, and French immigrants, who, years ago, came over from Europe and influenced the Spanish language spoken at the time. However, the province that speaks the most uniquely is the province of Buenos Aires which has the highest Italian immigration numbers and the people speak not only with their unique Argentine Spanish but with a flavourful Italian accent as well.

Buenos Aires has a Spanish entirely of its own, often referred to as porteno (people of Buenos Aires) Spanish, where lunfardo (slang) is commonly used among the younger and older generations and is a preferred favourite for foreigners to learn.

Another unique aspect to Spanish in Argentina is the different pronunciation used for different letters or combinations of letters:

Spanish: LL = ‘y’
Argentina: LL = ‘shh’

Spanish:V = ‘v’
Argentina:    V = ‘b’

Spanish: Z = ‘z’
Argentina: Z = ‘s’

Spanish: Y = ‘y’
Argentina: Y= ‘sh’

Also, in Argentine Spanish, the J and G before an E or an I is often pronounced as a ‘ch’ sound and  there is no ‘th’ sound, as in ‘thought’ in English.

Of course, there are many other feature of Argentine Spanish that are different as well, these are just a few, but you will have to take Spanish classes in Buenos Aires to learn about them!