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Those students taking Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires are no strangers to the fashion that can be found on the streets, stores, and people of this cosmopolitan city. Buenos Aires and its fashion-conscious residents continue to follow behind the fashion tracks made by Europe and keep up with each season’s styles, trends, and hot designers. This week in Buenos Aires, August 20-23, students studying Spanish in Argentina will be able to indulge in four whole days of fashion fun with Buenos Aires Fashion Week.

It is a great way for students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires to learn about porteño fashion and style by putting on their best and heading down to La Rural on Av. Sarmiento 2704. Space is huge and elaborately decorated and the fashion shows, exhibits, and showrooms will be located through the area. There will be three fashion runways showcasing daily fashion shows, more than 40 different designer showrooms, and a lounge area with dining options. Once students finish their Spanish language courses in Buenos Aires for the day they can head down to enjoy fashion from 2 until 10 pm. Entrance is 20 pesos.

Students who study Spanish in Buenos Aires will discover that the people of this city are known to take pride in their appearance, love European fashion, and often dress to impress. Expanish’s Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires are all about immersing yourself into the daily culture, and this week there is no better place to see some Argentine fashion while putting to use what you have learned in your Spanish classes in Argentina!

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