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Argentina is a country full of history and students coming here from abroad to take Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires should be sure to learn all they can. One very important time in history is still very evident every Thursday in Plaza de Mayo; las Madres de Plaza de Mayo. Students learning Spanish in Buenos Airesshould head down to the plaza on Thursday to support and to learn about the history of Argentina and make the most out of their Spanish immersion in Argentina.

Students taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires can see the mothers walk every Thursday in order to remind people of the atrocities of the Dirty War and of the many disappeared’, (people who were abducted and then killed during the dictatorship). The first group marched in 1977, despite a ban on public gatherings, and there were only 14 of them.

Today, there are more than 50 mothers who walk, with an audience easily over a hundred. Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires can have a first hand look at this political organization, being the only organization to overtly challenge the military government and carrying out their struggle under the name of motherhood. There are many historical sights in Buenos Aires, but students who learn Spanish in Buenos Aires will agree that the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo perhaps still make the biggest impact.

Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires can walk down from the school to the plaza, talk to locals, or talk to the women at one of the stands selling literature about the Dirty War. Our Expanish students learning Spanish in Argentina also have the opportunity to visit the Plaza on our unique weekly city tour, where they can hear more about the history of the plaza and las madres. Seeing the Mother’s of Plaza de Mayo is a must for those taking Spanish immersion courses in Argentina as it gives an incredible insight into one of the tragedies of war in Argentina.

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