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Learn Spanish In Argentina; Land Of The Tango

Even during the winter months Buenos Aires continues to be a city full of excitement and action, and offers up plenty of activities to its visitors, including the ever popular dance of the Tango. Students who have chosen to study Spanish in South America and brave the winter in beautiful Buenos Aires will not be disappointed as the learn Spanish in Argentina.

The Tango is said to have originated in the lower class districts of Buenos Aires sometime in the mid-1800’s and by the 1900’s was hugely popular throughout Argentina and many areas of Europe. The tango is as sensual as it is strict, and over the years this dance has developed many different variations and styles.

While learning Spanish in Buenos Aires students have the opportunity to visit one of the many tango shows located throughout the city. They may be classical, modern, or a fusion, but they are each unique in their own right. One of the oldest and most famous places to watch Tango is in Café Tortoni, founded in 1858; this well-known café in the centre city has nightly tango shows that always please their audience. Students also have the option of partaking in dances at a Milonga. A milonga is a popular past time for argentines offering up an hour or two of tango class and then a few hours of free dance. Milongas are held in bars and cafes throughout the city. The Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires with Expanish allow students to experience the tango first hand by taking tango lessons either privately or in a group.

Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires in the month of August has a great advantage as Buenos Aires presents its 10th annual Festival de Tango. This year’s festival will be presenting more than 100 free shows and concerts in a number of venues around the city. Besides the shows, the festival will also offer tango seminars, exhibitions, film screenings, and collectors meetings. Students who are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires with Expanish will be able to find out the event details, event locations, and be able to arrange group excursions to the shows with other students.

Expanish offers its Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires students weekly tango classes with Giselle Videla, in either group classes or private classes. Here students can learn the history, art, and steps of tango while immersing themselves in the Argentine culture and the Spanish language,

Tango is very much part of the Argentine culture and one cannot miss its influence in and around Buenos Aires. Whether walking down the streets of Buenos Aires, hearing a tango tune from a restaurant, or catching a special tango street performance, students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will be able to experience this magical dance first hand.