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Students studying Spanish in Argentina will quickly notice there are pet stores all over the city of Buenos Aires and, in general, catering mostly to dogs. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will also quickly notice that this is a city of apartments and therefore the owners of all these dogs must take their dogs out a few times a day to ‘do their business.’ Now what does one do when they do not have the time to walk their dog two/three times a day? They hire a dog walk walker.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires have no doubt seen the paseadores de perros (dog walkers) strolling the streets with often more than 10 dogs at a time. The dog walker stands more or less in the middle/behind the dogs, with all the individual leashes meetings in the hands of the walker. Students in Spanish classes in Buenos Aires will notice these dog walkers walking through the neighborhood where the dogs reside and also heading to parks to let the dogs loose in gated dog areas or just sitting down while the dogs look on.

Students who study Spanish in Argentina know that finding a job can be difficult for the people of Argentina. For this reason, dog walking is completely encouraged in the city, and has become so popular that dog walkers now need a license and have restrictions on the amount of dogs they can walk. Dog walkers make about $100-150 pesos per dog per month. So if you have 10 dogs you can make up to $1500 pesos/month.

Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires will agree that this really is a sight to be seen and one of the more shocking things is that you never really see dogs fighting. Every dog seems perfectly at ease with one another and just happy to be out. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires may want to consider this position; it is like being paid to get to know the city and to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires!

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