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Cultural immersion programs are a significant resume builder in today’s job market. Not only are companies becoming ever dependent on international commerce, but the notion of learning language Spanish has taken precedent over former language teaching methods. This ideology signifies that the emphasis in language studies should be on conversing in and using the language rather than learning it in a more fundamental sense. For example, anyone who has taken a year of Spanish in secondary school could likely recite the different forms of estar (estoy, estas, esta), but would probably have trouble holding even a basic conversation.

Expanish’s language program in Buenos Aires caters to the learning language Spanish approach, as students are immersed in the Argentine culture and language – encouraged to use the language on a daily basis and in practical situations.

Expanish is a language school founded on progressive teaching methods. With adherence to the Cervantes educational framework, and as a long-running member of the language schools association (SEA), our institute has established itself as a beacon of academic integrity. Our native, university educated teachers are all well experienced in the field of linguistics, and focused on students wants and needs.

Located in downtown Buenos Aires, the Expanish language institute has top-notch learning facilities equipped with wi-fi access, spacious classrooms, T.V.’s and computer media equipment, and comfortable study and break areas. Just outside the school’s front doors, Buenos Aires provides an invaluable link to the Spanish language.Begin researching your own trip today, and take advantage of the learning language Spanish programs at Expanish as well as the overall cultural, city and language immersion of living in Buenos Aires.  We can help you take your first step towards entering the global community.

So don’t hesitate to visit our website and begin customizing your own Spanish Immersion Program at Buenos Aires. With affordable, student-focused prices, there is an ideal program for everyone!