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Learning Spanish One Empanada At A Time

If you have been in Buenos Aires for longer than a minute, you have probably consumed your fair share of empanadas. Perfect to eat at any hour of the day, this delicious Argentine favorite consists of pastry-like dough stuffed with a myriad of fillings like beef, sweet corn, cheese, ham, vegetables, and more – all the good stuff.  Impress locals with your empanada baking skills by learning how to make the traditional Empanada Salteña, which originates from the Northern Argentine province of Salta.

Empanada Salteña Recipe

Ingredients (makes 6 empanadas):

–          1 paquete Tapas de empanadas *Marca recomendada: La Salteña (1 package empanada wrappers, Recommended Brand: La Salteña).

–          ¼ kilo Carne picada (ground beef)

–          1 Papa hervida, chica, cortada en cubos  (Small boiled potato, cut in cubes)

–          2 cebollas de verdeo (Green onions)

–          1 Morrón rojo o verde chica  (Small red or green pepper)

–          40 g Arvejas (Peas)

–          Ajo a gusto (Garlic, to taste)

–          Sal, pimienta, pimentón a gusto (Salt, pepper, Spanish paprika)


Picar el morrón, el ajo, y el verdeo.  En un sartén con un poquito de aceite, saltear primero el ajo, luego agregar el morrón.  Sal/pimentar. Agregar el verdeo picado.
Finely chop the pepper and garlic.  In a lightly oiled pan, sauté the chopped garlic and then add the pepper.  Add salt and pepper. Add the chopped green onion.

Agregar la carne picada y dejar cocinar a fuego medio.  Quitar del fuego cuando esté cocida.
Add the ground beef to cook on medium heat.  Take off heat once the beef is cooked.

En un ból, combinar la carne con la papa cortada y las arvejas.  Condimentar con sal, pimienta y pimentón.
In a bowl, combine the meat with the cubed potatoes and peas.  Season with salt, pepper, and paprika.

Armar las empanadas: colocar un poco de relleno sobre las tapas, humedecer los bordes y repulgar.
To make the empanadas: take a small bit of the filling and put it on the empanada wrapper, moisten the edges and fold.

Llevar a horno precalentado 180º hasta que doren, aprox. 20 minutos. Y Listo! Buen Provecho!
Put them in a pre-heated oven at 180º and bake until golden brown, about 20 minutes.  And finished!

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