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Selecting a mode of transportation can depend on many different factors such as, the time of day, location, and weather. Maybe it is late at night or you are in a hurry to get to your Spanish course, it’s raining, or you just want to be dropped off at your shared apartment in Buenos Aires.  Lucky for you, taking a taxi in Argentina is quick, convenient and cheap, and believe it or not, there are an estimated 32,000 of them roaming around Buenos Aires.

Taking a taxi is a cheap, safe, and efficient way to travel in Buenos Aires, here is a list of a few things to know before you go for a ride:

  1. The taxis are black with a yellow painted roof, they roam the streets 24 hours a day, and you can either  flag them on the street or call for a pick up.
  2. The safest way to get a taxi is to call a head of time or if possible catch one in front of a hotel, and if possible travel in groups instead of alone.
    Find a taxi
  3. Only take a taxi that reads Radio Taxi, has a photographic id on the back of one of the front seats, and carries a digital meter that shows the exact amount of money you pay. Take the next cab if you do not see these. Calling before hand will guarantee the taxi is legitimate and reliable.
  4. On the opposite side the meter is a red sign that will read “libre” meaning free when lit up.  If not illuminated it is occupied.
  5. The initial meter rate is $3.80 pesos and increases $0.38 every 200 meters
  6. Be sure to have small bills, as many cab drivers will not accept $100’s and $50’s for shorter rides, ask if the driver has change before hand to avoid a tense situation, and don’t worry about tipping, it is not expected, but always appreciated.
  7. Taxis will not take more than four passengers, unless the car is built to fit more.
  8. Always enter and exit on the right side of the car so cars can safely pass on the left.

Don’t forget to chat with the driver it is great way to practice your Spanish and get to know more about Argentine’s.