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Living with new people while abroad in Buenos Aires is a living and learning experience! Everyone is new to the city, away from their home country, looking to meet new people, discover the best experiences,  and of course, learn a foreign language.  Living with roommates can teach you a lot about people and become more patient and understanding of other cultures, customs, and traditions.

Here are some tips on how to live with new roommates in your shared apartment in Buenos Aires

The entire apartment is a shared living space and therefore you should be respectful of others and keep the space tidy. Everyone differs in what they think is clean or not, but there are certain simple rules to follow: wash the dishes after you are done with them, take out the garbage if its full, don’t leave personal items throughout the apartment, replace toilet paper, if you spill, clean it up, don’t walk with dirty shoes, and take the initiative to keep the house clean!

If it’s not yours, don’t touch it
This may not always be a factor, as you become friends with your roommates, personal belongings may becoming exchangeable, but until then, do eat your roommates food, don’t use their shampoo or razor, and definitely don’t borrow anything without permission.

Put any expensive items or valuable items in a locked space. Maybe one day you, or a roommate, brings over a friend and suddenly something goes missing. You can never be too careful and although the chances are slim, put away your stuff so you don’t have to deal with this type of headache.

Living successfully with others is all about communication and therefore understanding. Speak openly with your roommates, don’t judge, don’t discriminate, and most of all, keep and open mind. You will be living with people from all over the world and everyone has a different way of living, be positive, accepting, and patient, and you and your roommates should get along just fine.