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As a student of Expanish, you might be thinking: “where am I going to live in Buenos Aires and what kind of accommodation suits me?” Not knowing where you are gonna stay and what to expect is a part of your adventure. But maybe it will help you a little bit to read about my experience.

Accommodation through Expanish

I decided to book my accommodation together with my Spanish course at Expanish. Expanish offers for example to stay with a family (with breakfast and dinner included) or with a host (no meals included). I live with an Argentinian couple so I can bring into practice what I learn at school. Besides this I learn about the Argentine culture. It makes my experience in Buenos Aires complete.

How live my Argentinian hosts?

In Buenos Aires it’s quite normal to have many activities besides work or study. Many Argentinians have dinner late in the evening, around ten o’clock and leave (not only in the weekends) after dinner to the movies, theater, bar or disco. My hosts let me taste food and drinks such as wraps, pasta, mate and fernet. Mate and Fernet are typical drinks from here. We watch the Argentine television and talk as much as possible in Spanish. For example about nice places to visit, food and activities in Buenos Aires or the neighborhood Palermo where I live.


Palermo is a neighborhood with busy and quiet areas. There are many parks, nice restaurants, bars, clubs and various opportunities to go shopping. I feel safe in this area. Expanish offers several options in terms of accommodation, all located in safe neighborhoods.

What is my advice to you?

If you want to practice your Spanish then it’s the best for you to stay with an Argentinian family or host. You learn the language, learn about the Argentine culture and you know nice activities in and around Buenos Aires.

Do you have any questions about my story, please contact one of the employees of Expanish. They are there to help you.