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For students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, a day or night at the Galerías Pacifico creates a perfect outing by combining great shopping and dining along with culture and history. This beautiful mall, once a building owned by the railroad company of the state, is located on Florida, known for its architectural innovation and dynamic shopping. During the late 1800´s and early 1900´s the building went through many changes mostly due to the economic crisis in that time and by 1908 the building was separated into part gallery of shops and part railroad administration. Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires can admire this building from the outside along the streets of Cordoba and Florida.

Although always architecturally beautiful the building received a boost of color in 1945 when 5 famous muralists painted the buildings central dome in 5 different themes. Together and yet separate these artists managed to paint this dome using different colors, shapes, and themes and yet creating one fluid and beautiful mural. Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires can enter the building and head to its centre to admire this dome.  Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires can learn more by taking one of the guided tours offered in the afternoons – in Spanish of course!

Alongside its history, the Galerías Pacifico offers up fantastic shopping, activities, and dining options. It has over 200 shops located throughout the building and a food court that includes everything from fine dining to fast food. The building also has a movie theatre and is home to the Centro Cultural Borges, offering various exhibitions and activities, and the Julio Bocca´s School of Ballet. Students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires can check out either of these websites for event guides or for more information.

This historical city mall is a must see for students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires for its unique combination of shopping, art, and culture.

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