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If you are taking some time to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, you cannot miss the 2010 Buenos Aires Tango Festival, taking place throughout the city from February 27th until March 7th! Organized by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture, the Tango Festival celebrates and promotes Buenos Aires’ most notorious style of artistic expression.

Over 150 professional tango dances take to the streets and local milongas to showcase their talent, classes are held for those working on their moves, and exhibitions take place throughout the city. There are endless opportunities across Buenos Aires to learn, watch, and take part in this passionate dance— and most of them are free!

For more information on specific performance times and schedules contact:

Corrientes 1530
8th Floor
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel +54 (0)11 4374 2829


Did you know that Expanish offers Tango lessons through their Spanish School in Buenos Aires? Find out about other activities to take part in while you are studying Spanish in Argentina through Expanish!