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Lunfardo or ‘slang’ is another side of the Spanish language in Argentina and is very commonly used among the portenos (people of…) of Buenos Aires. If you are learning Spanish in Argentina, you should definitely get to know lunfardo as it not only makes learning and speaking more Spanish more fun but it will get you sounding just like a native!

Here are a few common slang words (taken from Argentina Spanish Slang Dictionary):


Referring to a person who is silly, clumsy, annoying, stupid; also is a very common way to address friends.


Public urban transportation; comes from English bonds, which is how Rio’s tram service got built and paid (being one of the first in Latin America) by a British company.


‘hey!’, ‘hey, you!’; a very common way to address friends or strangers.


‘crazy person’; a common way to friendly address someone; similar to the English ‘dude’.


‘fatty’; a common way to friendly address friends or family members. Also, Gordito/a is ‘little fatty’, used in the same way.


currency; pesos. Is used like the word ‘buck’ in English; can be used when describing how much something this.


Describes a child(boy or girl). Can be used to describe someone who looks young; also, as an insulting term for someone who comes off too young for their age.

Tip: You should always be careful when using slang in another country as to not insult someone or say something inappropriate.

To learn more lunfardo, visit Argentina Spanish Slang Dictionary, a fantastic site to read all of the Argentine lunfardo with detailed explanations of their meaning and use.

What is your favorite slang to use in Argentina?