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Buenos Aires is a food lover’s paradise; no matter where you are in the city or what time it is there is a restaurant that is open, busy with people, and serving great food. If you are in the mood for something a little different that your typical Argentine fare at a sit down restaurant, there is a Mediterranean hotspot waiting for you that offers quick and fabulous food for great prices and will leaving you wanting more, even while the smell of hummus is still on your breath.

As Buenos Aires becomes more and more international (and more students come to study Spanish!) so does its cuisine, and the taste buds of portenos continue to change, craving more and more ethnic styled food. Located in trendy Las Canitas, the small and cozy restaurant Maktub specializes in Mediterranean food and serves up some of the best food of its kind in the city. The restaurant itself is small and bright, features a delicious mound of meat cooking in the front window, daily Mediterranean snacks at the counter, a small kitchen, and a few bar styled tables outside. The owners will great you with a smiling face and a warm welcome and offer you a menu to place your order (eat-in, take-away, and delivery).

Some of the most popular dishes are:

Shawarma – wrapped pita with fresh salted meat, veggies, and a spicy sauce
Hummus -chickpea, lemon, and cilantro sauce
Falafel – fried chickpea balls
Labra – rice and spicy meet wrapped in leaves
Sfija Abierta – Arab empanada filled with meat, tomato, and cilantro
Baba Ganush – eggplant, tomato, and cilantro
Maktub offers impeccable food at affordable prices, a great location, and great service; when you are needing a break from studying spanish in Buenos Aires, need a taste of something new, and if you are in Las Canitas and looking for a quick delicious meal, day or night, this is the place.

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