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Argentina is well known for its amazing diversity of landscapes (from deserts to waterfalls) but few travelers know that there are also beautiful beaches. Mar del Plata is the second largest city in the province of Buenos Aires on the coast of the Atlantic sea, and it´s only 4 hours away from the city. It is the holiday destination for porteños in the summer. The Argentine summer begins in December until March. However, it does start to warm up in the middle of October so for those looking for a quiet getaway going before the high season is recommended. With the largest beach outside of the city and plenty of things to do both day and night: Restaurants, clubs, and shopping! Take a walk down Guemes there is tonnes of shops to check out and some great restaurants and ice cream stores!

Some places to check out:

Manolo – Rivadavia 2371

This place is renown for the best Churros in town, it is a family owned business originating from Burgos, Spain, the home of Churros!

La Fonte D’oro – Guemes 2760

This cafe/restaurant has both a great selection of coffee and food!

Lucciano’s – Rawson y Guemes on the corner

The best ice cream I have had so far! with 3 locations over the city!

Havanna – Everywhere in Mar del Plata

In Buenos Aires is very traditional to bring some Havanna alfajores as a present when you come back from Mar del Plata, so don´t forget to bring a box for your Argentine friends!