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maymester – pronunciation- [may-mes-ter]

– A maymester is a shortened university semester, only one month, that takes place in the month of May and earns students university credits.

This fairly recent addition to the university semester family is becoming more and more popular as students are becoming more open to taking school outside of the ‘regular’ school months, giving major benefits in student course loads and length of schooling in general.

There are a few big benefits to taking a maymester such as, finishing a full length class in just one month and getting credits for it; having the opportunity to quickly finish one of those ‘left-over’ classes or ‘add-on electives’; and, the ability to take a study abroad maymester program, and spend one month abroad, earning credits, in another country.

Here in Buenos Aires, the University of Belgrano accepts maymester students, a course which includes one month of 100 Spanish class hours (20 hours/week, Monday-Friday), which earns students full class credits back at their home university. With this option, students are able to study Spanish in Buenos Aires for a much more affordable time period and cost of university, and still reap all the benefits and experiences of living and studying abroad in another country. Plus, for any student that wishes to learn Spanish, studying a language while living abroad is the most effective and efficient way to do it.

If you are looking to study abroad, finish one class for credits, or occupy your month of May, a maymester is a great way to do it. Keep in mind that it is not really a possibility to take a maymester when you are working, as the school and study hours already act as a fulltime job. What do you think, is a maymester for you?