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The formidable question that haunts us all when deciding to study abroad is WHERE?Reading about destinations and specific universities is of course a great way to get the general feeling of a place.Compliment research and advice from friends, advisors and acquaintances with REAL accounts from REAL people who are themselves studying abroad.As this kind of insider information is always the most valuable, we wanted to take this chance to let you hear from a real Expanish student who is currently studying abroad at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires.Buenos Aires more than fulfills all of the bewitching descriptions and accounts that you may find online or in books, so now let’s here from Bonnie, a university student in the Expanish Semester Prep program from Texas A&M University in Texas, USA.

“I have really enjoyed going to school at the [Universidad de] Belgrano…The semester long classes have been great. I’m taking them all in Spanish.The level is great for me even though I hardly spoke a word when I got down here. I’m taking Latin American History, Art History of Argentina (which has sent us on a couple of field trips for homework), Open Society in Argentina, Economic History of Argentina, and Cultures and Traditions of Argentina. I feel like I have a much better grasp on the background and culture of porteños and Argentines in general… My note-taking is definitely getting better. I guess it had to since I take all my notes in Spanish and have had to go back and get information from them later… The great thing about taking classes at Belgrano, as compared to other University programs, is that all of my classes are in one building close to home. This cuts down on a lot of travel time that friends in other programs have said is driving them crazy. I have friends with a much more advanced level of Spanish, and taking classes with Argentines at UBA and UCA and other schools is really working out for them, but for me I’m getting great experience using my Spanish while taking classes with other ‘extranjeros’. I personally find it a lot less intimidating for someone who is trying to learn to speak better”.