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Oclette Engel and Christian Brugger are from Berne, Switzerland, and are traveling through South America for half a year.They decided to stay in Buenos Aires for three weeks to study Spanish with Expanish.Since their arrival on Sunday, February 24, Oclette and Christian have participated in many activities and are well on their way to conquering the Spanish language and learning about the vibrant culture of Buenos Aires. They were happy to answer some questions to share about their experience with Expanish thus far…

What activities have you participated in?
O & C: We went to the Expanish dinner last Wednesday and on the tour through La Boca, San Telmo, and Puerto Madero.We also go to conversation classes and group classes at the language school. This week we are going to private classes.

What are your main goals for studying at Expanish here in Buenos Aires?
O & C: To improve our Spanish.

Where are you staying in Buenos Aires?
O & C: We are living in a hotel.

What do you like the best about Buenos Aires?
O & C: The diversity of the city.

What do you like the best about your experience with Expanish?
O & C: The language classes and we really appreciate the conversation classes.

Would you recommend studying Spanish with us in Buenos Aires to friends at home in Switzerland?
O & C: Yes! We also suggest you check out this site.