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Introducing A New Way To Learn Spanish

Expanish is kicking off our new Milonga Night Tour activity tomorrow, Thursday! We will be joining a tango “specialist” every two weeks at different milongas, or tango dancehalls, to learn about and observe the sultry dance that Argentina is so famous for. Tomorrow, we will meet our Tango “specialist”, Laura, for our first official “Milonga Night” at the milonga “Grises”.

Laura received her degree in Tourism and Hotel Management in 2002 from the Universidad del Salvador. Apart from her studies, tango is her main passion. She has been dancing the tango for over 10 years, giving classes for over 4 years, and frequents different milongas during her free time to keep her passion alive. Laura has also been a professional tango dancer for shows in restaurants and theaters. If you’re still not impressed… Laura also participated in the Fifth World Championship of Tango that took place in August of 2007. In short, we are thrilled to be introduced to the mysterious and sultry world of milongas by Laura, our very own tango “specialist”!

Our bi-monthly Milonga Night Tours will take us deep into the world and history of tango and milongas. The origins, evolution, and modernity of the dance along with its uses and customs are few of the topics we will get to explore.

Tango is a dance that revolves around passion and love. The only way to truly understand the power and fire that tango embodies is to experience it from the inside… With Laura’s help, we will get to observe locals express themselves on dance floors in a city that lives and breaths tango.