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My Perfect Week In Buenos Aires

Everyone knows that Buenos Aires is one of the most famous cities in Latin America, but do they know why? Well, I am about to tell you why- there is ALWAYS something to do in Buenos Aires, sometimes more than you can handle. After seeing all that this exciting city has to offer, I decided to create my perfect week in Buenos Aires, just to prove that if you finally take the leap and come to Argentina, you will not be disappointed.

Lunes: Monday being my first day in the city, I would want to go to the heart of it all, Plaza de Mayo. Here you will find many beautiful and important government buildings surrounding the main plaza of Buenos Aires, and of course the most important, Casa Rosada. Not only do these buildings show incredible architecture but they also hold many intriguing historical facts that will leave you in awe. After taking the Casa Rosada tour and gazing at all of the beautiful statues that inhabit this beautiful area, the next stop is the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires. Cafe Tortoni is a beautiful cafe where you can sit and enjoy a meal, a beverage or perhaps just a coffee while drinking in the historic Argentina art and culture, it is a must for sure. After a while, there, ending the day with a little bar hopping to some of the oldest and most interesting bars in Buenos Aires would be perfect.

Martes: The next day, I would make my way over to the next most iconic place of Buenos Aires, the obelisk. On the journey there, I would make sure to stroll down one of the main streets, Santa Fe and look at all of the stores sporting the latest Buenos Aires fashion.

After a few hours of shopping (because I know it will take that long with too many amazing boutiques to count) I will walk down Avenue 9 de Julio where I will see the Teatro Colon, the highrise buildings of the city, and of course the obelisk. Next stop, is Plaza San Martin, not unlike the other beautiful plazas in Buenos Aires, Plaza San Martin displays a beautiful variety of trees and views of the city which makes for a perfect photo op, and maybe a little nap under a tree (its super common here, I swear).

Miércoles: Wednesday, I would head straight to museums in Recoleta. Here you will find the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes museum of architecture, and many more interesting places to learn about the History and Culture of Argentina. Since I don’t like being cooped up inside for long periods of time, I would surely head over to the Floralis Generalis, the large steel flower that was made as an art piece given to the city of Buenos Aires. The coolest part about this flower is that is solar operated to open up during the daytime and close at night, how cool!

Jueves: On Thursday, I would go straight to Puerto Madero, the most modern barrio of Buenos Aires. Starting off the day with a leisurely walk along the river would be perfect. With all of the hot dog, hamburger and chorizo stand on the way there, I could enjoy the river with native Argentine meat in hand. When dinner time rolled around, I would head over to the dinner and tango show restaurant along the river and enjoy the rest of my night basking in the Porteno culture with exquisite Argentine wine in hand.

Viernes: In Buenos Aires, Fridays are always lively. What better way to mingle with native Argentines than in the fashion hub of Buenos Aires, Palermo. With tons of eclectic boutiques and cafes, it is easy to lose track of time in Palermo. One of my absolute favorite things to do is cafe hop. All of the cafes in Palermo Soho have their own unique atmosphere and menu which makes it fun to try 3 or 4 cafes in a day and never get tired of coffee (maybe just a little hyper). Just around the corner of the Buenos Aires Zoo, located about a 20-minute walk from Palermo Soho, you will find the observatory. With frequent shows and occasional discounts, there leaves no excuse to not go and see the beautiful Argentine stars.

Sábado: It is finally the weekend, and all of Buenos Aires knows that weekends mean markets. Starting at Plaza Francia, commonly known as the hippie fair, I would browse through all of the beautiful hand-crafted arts that the local artisans have created. Located just a few feet away is the Recoleta Cemetery which holds some of the most important figures in Argentine history, not to mention that it is one of the most incredible cemeteries in the world. With parks always nearby, buying a choripan at the nearest food stand and relaxing in a park with some friends would be the ideal afternoon. When the night time rolls around, what better way to learn the Porteño way than to go to a boliche for the night (and a good portion of the morning)

Domingo: The last day of my perfect week, and any week, will end at the San Telmo Market. One of the most famous markets in Argentina, you can really experience the Porteño culture here. With booths of hand-crafted arts, crafts and foods as far as the eye can see, you actually want to get lost in there for hours. Not only are there trinkets to buy, but many local Argentine bands come to play every Sunday on the corners for all of the market shoppers to enjoy. Sitting down to a nice dinner outside with a live band playing tango music would absolutely complete my perfect week in Buenos Aires.