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In the culturally diverse, trendy, and hip Buenos Aires, there are a myriad of different concert and music venues that feature many of the music styles that are popular in Buenos Aires such as rock, metal, pop, folk, tango, and classical. However, if you are looking for jazz, there are two very unique venues, dedicated only to jazz music that will leave any jazz lover totally satisfied.

Thelonious Jazz Bar

Salguero 1884

This dark and oddly decorated jazz bar sets the mood for jazz; low lights, dark wooden tables, a bottle-lit bar, small corner stage, and low hanging chandelier’s, gets any jazz-goer in the mood to listen to some great music. From Wednesday to Saturday, Thelonious features various jazz bands with shows starting at 9:30. On Friday’s and Saturday’s there are two shows, one at 9:30 and the other at midnight, with the latter being more upbeat or DJ inspired. The bar serves a few appetizers and a wide range of drinks. Cover is between 12-15pesos.


Av. Callao 966

Notorious jazz bar is a record store, restaurant, and jazz venue, all in one. The front street entrance invites you to sample some of there 60,000 jazz disks, further inside is the cozy jazz room where performances take place, and in the back is the restaurant/ patio where you can enjoy a bite to eat. Notorious features numerous performances throughout the week; from Monday to Thursday there is one nightly show beginning at 9:30 and on Friday and Saturday, two nightly shows, starting at 9:30 and midnight, cover is 30pesos.

Both venues are a great way for students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires to take a break from their studies, group up with other students, and spend a night out listening to some of the best jazz acts around.