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If you are traveling abroad to Argentina, whether to live or study Spanish in Buenos Aires, there are a myriad of fantastic, interesting, and very Argentine neighborhoods to check out. However, there are a few that seem to stand out from the rest, and this week we are featuring Palermo.

One of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Palermo sits between Belgrano, Almagro, Colegiales, and Villa Crespo, and is the largest neighborhood in the city. Due to its grand size, Palermo is divided in separate areas including Alto Palermo, Palermo Viejo, Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, and Palermo Chico. Each area is unique, some featuring modern buildings and others with old cobblestone roads, some areas are filled with business’s and others with nothing but wide roads and grassy parks. Regardless, Palermo offers something to everyone.

One of the most popular parts to visit for foreigners are Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood, each featuring beautiful apartment buildings, endless restaurants, bars and shops, and each very foreign friendly.   In Palermo Soho, there is the very famous Plaza Serrano, a plaza surrounded by restaurants with a centre market (great on the weekends!) and the equally famous Plaza Armenia, also featuring a market but also a small park and four cubic blocks of shops and restaurants.  This entire area is a great place to wander around in, enjoy an afternoon coffee, or discover the vibrant Buenos Aires nightlife.

The other areas of Palermo are great to explore as well, especially by reading through a guide book that can explain to you the best places to visit. Another must see is the Palermo Parks (Palermo Bosque), giving you the relaxation spot, right in the middle of the city!