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If you are traveling abroad to Argentina, whether to live or study Spanish in Buenos Aires, there are a myriad of fantastic, interesting, and very Argentine neighbourhoods to check out. However, there are a few that seem to stand out from the rest, and this week we are featuring San Telmo.

San Telmo is the oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires and today, one of the hippest to visit for its bohemian themed stores and restaurants, art galleries and cultural spots, antique shops, theatres, and more.

The neighbourhood is stunning to the eye, featuring narrow cobblestone roads, colonial buildings, cafes and tango parlors, historical churches, and a few beautiful city statues.  The artistic vibe that fills the streets today, came from a few local artists who began to infiltrate the area in the 1950’s, setting up art galleries, art walks, and cultural spots throughout the neighbourhood which later drew in a wide range of local and immigrant artists. The immigrant population in this area soon led to the popularity of Tango and over the years, San Telmo became one of the most famed tango neighbourhoods in the city.

Tango Shows
Historical Restaurants
Music Bars
Antique Shops
Trendy Clothing Shops
Bars and Nightclubs
Famous restaurants and cafes

Every Sunday, San Telmo also features a street market that extends for more than 10 blocks and ends up in the very popular Plaza Dorrego where cafes, bars, and a centre market can be found. Be sure to sit around and watch the street performers along the way!

**If you venture into San Telmo at night, be sure to walk on highly lit streets and always in a group.  If it is late, try not to walk at all and take a taxi to your next destination.**