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In a cruel twist of fate, last Wednesday played host yet another feriado or public holiday in the form of the “Censo”(see last week’s blog for details). For those of you unfamiliar with my adverse reaction to these days of freedom and frivolity, such holidays mark the beginning of the week’s Spanish lessons an hour earlier than usual at 8 am. Thus, so also begins the exacerbated feud between myself and alarm clock; it taking continuous pleasure in disturbing my peaceful slumber, I taking even greater pleasure in throwing headlong into the wall. Having made it into school with my t-shirt on back-to-front and shaking like a leaf after being a little too liberal with the coffee granules, I began to wonder how anyone can make it through a day of Spanish lessons if they wish to sample the delights of the Buenos Aires nightlife at the same time.

Going out is essential when you’re studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. Of course it’s nice to let your hair down at the end of the day, but other than that, it’s the best way to meet some real Argentines and get practicing your Spanish. Here are one or two pointers to help you get the most out of a night.

Don’t drink too much! Apart from the obvious reason of avoiding a hangover, the Argentines just don’t seem to feel the need to drink in excess. If you’re the person bouncing off the walls, clothes making a bid for freedom and confessing your undying love to anyone who’ll listen, you may start to accumulate a following of the less tasteful partygoers, so be careful.

Don’t be afraid to give out your number. Obviously don’t stick it on your forehead, but often if you get talking to someone you get on well with, they may ask you for your number, and they will ALWAYS message you the following day. This may seem forward but it seems to be just a friendly gesture. This is also where not being too drunk becomes helpful. There have been one or two occasions when my housemate has stumbled out of bed, hair standing on end, asking “Who the hell are Afredo, Juan and Fransisco?” after being a little too laissez-faire with both the sauce and her phone number…

Finally don’t always feel you have to go to late night events. Generally most things do start late out here in Buenos Aires, but there are events such as Monday night’s “La Bomba del Tiempo” (the time bomb) which is great fun and is finished by 10 pm. This is a percussion show with a vibrant feel, energetic music and in my case, an opportunity for moronic dancing. It’s a weekly activity offered by Expanish so it’s easy to go along and enjoy with your fellow classmates. You can buy beer in cups big enough to swim in so be careful, though should you wish to go easy on the drink, you can do what most other people seem to do, and just pour it all over everyone else.

Check my blog this time next week to see what else I’ve got up to with Expanish