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Buenos Aires has gone loco for brunch. Once difficult to fulfill that late morning, early afternoon craving, in recent months brunch has exploded in the Buenos Aires culinary scene, with dozens of cafés offering some sort of breakfast-lunch combo on the menu. With so many places to choose from, here is the Expanish Blog list of our favorites spots to enjoy a lazy weekend brunch in Buenos Aires.


Serrano 789, Villa Crespo

Tel. 4774-2563

This New York style café serves up a massive weekend brunch where diners can choose from a variety of great options: eggs benedict, salmon popovers and a bagel with cream cheese and salmon, pancakes and french toast.  Known for their freshly made breads, this is the perfect place to sit for hours, people watch and fill up on a big hearty midday meal.


Costa Rica 6094, Palermo Hollywood

Tel. 4771-0546

One of the onlyplaces that serves brunch during the week and all day long, check out Gringa’s great deal on eggs benedict, blueberry pancakes or french toast.  For health nuts, granola with yogurt and fruit is always a solid option.

Sirop Folie

Vicente Lopez 1661, Recoleta

Tel. 4813-5900

For a fancy brunch, check out this Recoleta spot with a set brunch menu.  The ideal spot to take someone you are trying to impress.


Costa Rica 4619, Palermo Soho

Tel. 4831-3276

Expat bar by night, breakfast and brunch spot by day, Sugar offers a wide variety of both English and American breakfasts.

Oui Oui

Nicaragua 6068, Palermo Hollywood

Tel. 4778-9614

A pioneer in the Buenos Aires brunch scene, Oui Oui is one of the first Buenos Aires establishments to cater to the brunch-going crowd.

The first closed door restaurant dedicated to offering the best brunch in town. Owned and run by an Irish couple who know how to make a proper breakfast, the type that you can usually only find across the Atlantic in England or Ireland. This brunch comes in the form of three or four course and includes Sausages, bacon, eggs, slow roasted tomatoes and homemade focaccia. The traditional San Telmo house dining room and courtyard setting makes it extra special

Café Crespin

Vera 699, Villa Crespo

Tel. 4855-3771

For AR$75, your brunch plate will come filled with French toast, scrambled eggs, panceta or salmon, breakfast potatoes, pastry, coffee or tea and a mimosa.  Highlights include real maple syrup and imported Toll house cookies. This brunch is huge, big enough for two to share.

Magdalena’s Party

Thames 1795, Palermo Soho

Tel. 4833-9127

Although the menu is limited, this Palermo bar offers great combos of brunch on the weekend.  Try a bagel, bacon cheese sandwich with a Bloody Mary, or a Cali Omelette with a Mimosa.


Malabia 1530, Palermo Soho

Tel. 4832-5070

After a long night at a boliche, don’t you wish you could grab some good old diner food?  Randall’s opens at 6am and is the perfect fix for your post-partying munchies.


Gorriti 5870, Palermo Hollywood

Tel. 4776-7677

A classic in the BA brunch scene, after months of closing for refurbishing, Olsen is now open to the public.  This menu has a set price where eaters can pick and mix from a large selection of choices.